BELAUBRE, Louis Nol was born in Muret in 1932. He spent his childood in Languedoc. Then, he joined the Paris Conservatoire of Music where he studied the piano under Lazarre Lvy and composition under Tony Aubin.

He worked as a soloist for the ORTF and various radios  - among others in Germany - , and won a prize at the International Competition of Piano Viotto of Munich.

As for composition, he was awarded the Geneva Prize of Ballet Music in 1965 for his three - act ballet entitled " L'Ecole des pickpockets ". On its first performance, the ballet was conducted by Ernest Ansermet and then, in 1968, it was played again during the Ballet Festival at the "Thtre des Champs-Elyses" in Paris.

Moreover, he was awarded the Prize of Chamber Music for his Sonate n3 for piano at the Competition of Musical Competition in Monaco.

Finally, in 1971, he won the First Prize of Composition at the Stroud Competition in England for " Le Tombeau de Louisa Paulin ", a mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble.

After working as a lecturer at the National Music Conservatoire in Saint-Maur, he was at the head of the Music Conservatoire of Chevilly. He also ran the Music Conservatoire of Grasse.

Louis Nol Belaubre has made many records, particularly with the flutist, Alain Marion and the clarinettist, Michel Lethiec as well as the cellist, Charles Reneau.

Many of his works were recorded among which " Les Romances du Gai Savoir ", " Le Tombeau de Louisa Paulin ", " L'Ode Jean de La Fontaine ", his Second Concerto for Piano, his Sonate for Cello ...

In 1980, Louis Nol Belaubre obtained the Prize of Composition Chevillon-Bonnaud de la Fondation de France as a reward for his entire works for piano.



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